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1. Be Respectful - Keep conversations kind and respectful towards everyone. We don't want our players logging into HorseCraft and being sad. Our server is a place for players to come to play to find happiness and friendship, not bullying and pain. Always treat everyone as you would want to be treated.

2. Be Kid-Friendly - Conversations and behavior must stay appropriate for ALL ages.  One of our driving forces for creating HorseCraft was because of so many Minecraft servers not using appropriate conversations for young listeners. We want our server to be a place for everyone.

3. No Advertising - This server is not the place to advertise Minecraft servers, discords, social medias, etc.. We do not want our server to become a giant spammy advertisement board. We also don't want our players joining something that was advertised that turns out not to be safe! Be safe online always!

4. No Hacking or Cheating - x-ray, flys, jumps, auto farms, mob grinders, xp farms, afk pools, or any way to cheat the system is not allowed. We don't allow any type of cheating or hacking because it ruins the game for everyone involved. It ruins the chance for someone who isn't cheating to find diamonds, biomes, and literally anything in the world. It's just not fair plain and simple. A more in-depth explanation of why you can't use auto mob farms and AFK pools is below in the FAQ. 

5. No Politics - No political or religious topics. HorseCraft is not the place to discuss these complex subjects.

6. Have Fun - Enjoy your time on the server and have a great time with your friends! The most important rule to remember in HorseCraft is to have fun. HorseCraft is a place you should always have a good time at so it's important we keep that our number 1 priority. 


  • We are an English speaking Minecraft & Discord server. Speak in English in the public chat to ensure you're understood and that everyone feels included. 
  • Do not spam.
  • No bullying, hate speech and harassment. 
  • Do not share personal information about yourself or others.
  • No excessive amounts of begging for free things.
  • No sexual or NSFW (Not Safe for Work) content. 
  • Use Auction House /ah for it's intended use - to sell items to another player for their worth.  (No donations, begging, scamming, inappropriate named items, spamming chat).
  • Only use @admin for emergencies - (Can you google your question? Ask players online? Solve on your own? Use /ignore?)
  • Discord's Terms of Service and Community Guidelines also apply to our HorseCraft Discord. All members of our HorseCraft Discord must be at least 13 years old to use Discord. All Discord members must follow the Discord rules and guidelines.


What is HorseCraft? HorseCraft is a Semi-Vanilla Survival Minecraft Java PC Multi-Player server. Your mission is to create your dream stables and own the best horses! Tame beautiful wild horses or purchase a horse. Enjoy the classic game of Minecraft on HorseCraft with a horse themed twist!


How do I get a Horse in HorseCraft? All new players get 1 free horse spawn egg. Horses can be found wild in Plains or Savannah biomes. You can purchase a horse from another player or from a shopkeeper at the general store located at /spawn. Some purchases in the HorseCraft store come with free horse spawn eggs.

How do I start playing HorseCraft? When you log in to HorseCraft for the first time you will see a message say  Howdy your username! Welcome to HorseCraft! Please read /rules and type in /warp start to start your adventure! Go to the HorseCraft Website for help & a video tutorial! The link is HorseCraft.net! Please watch our video tutorial it helps you understand exactly what to do when you first start and explains everything you need to know to begin. Click here for the link.

What do I do in HorseCraft? HorseCraft is a survival server. Survival means you have to eat food and keep your health to survive. Monsters can spawn and attack you, especially at night. Our server is on easy mode so the monsters are not very difficult. You collect supplies in the world and build your own home and if you'd want a stables. You're able to build anything you want. We have redstone disabled because all types of machines are not allowed. Auto Farms and redstone machines lag the server and make the game difficult to play for everyone on.

What is the money in HorseCraft? You collect various items in HorseCraft and exchange that for a money balance (/balance). Money can be obtained by mining in the world or by collecting other items and exchanging them at the Gold Exchange located at /spawn or /warp GoldExchange 

How do I get back to the start of HorseCraft? To go back to our spawn type in /spawn. To see a list of warps do /warps. To warp to a warp do /warp name.

How do I get a saddle in HorseCraft? All players start with 1 saddle when they begin in HorseCraft. There are a few ways to get saddles in survival Minecraft. Saddles can be "treasures" when you fish. Find a chest in a dungeon (mining). Find a chest in the Nether Fortress. Find a chest in a Desert Fortress. In our game, you can buy a saddle from someone in chat or at the general store at /spawn. Saddles can be obtained after killing the Ravager mob in a villager raid event. Players can sell saddles and other items to you via the /AH. For information on AH (Auction House) type in while playing /AH HELP.

How do I claim my land in HorseCraft? We are using a new system with /Lands. For help in-game do the command /Lands help. If you want simple quick way to claim land stand where you want claimed and type in /claim. If you would like to watch a tutorial specifically just for claiming land click here.  Default players start with 10 chunks of claim blocks.

How do I get claim blocks?  Players can purchase claim blocks in chunks via our website. We are also planning to allow players to earn claim blocks via playtime in the new 1.18 soon.

If I make a HorseCraft store purchase which server will my purchase go to? All purchases will go to both servers. For example, if you buy $50 you will be $50 on our HorseCraft1 and HorseCraft2 server. If you purchase a rank you will get your perks on both servers. 

Will my land claims be deleted? Land claims are deleted if a player does not log in for 50+ days. 

I need help and there are no admin online what can I do? For admin help, please say @admin and what you need in your public chat message to notify us that you need help. Please explain what you need in the same message you say @admin.  We will be alerted and help as soon as we can. We recommend reading this guide and watching our tutorial video for help in our server. Never spam or test the @admin.
We may not be able to respond to you immediately. We could be sleeping, at work, taking care of our children , or driving a car . When asking for admin please make sure you did your best in finding a solution on your own.

Is Keep Inventory on in HorseCraft? No. We are a survival server and love the idea of building a strategy around staying alive and protecting your items. We think keeping keep inventory off makes the game more fun and exciting. We love a good challenge! Always protect your items by putting them in a claimed chest and creating sethomes to teleport to when you're in danger.

I died can I get my stuff back? No we are a survival server. Sometimes in our game you may find yourself frustrated because you die and lose items. That is our style of game. We please ask that you build strategies to learn how to avoid death and losing your items. Best practices include creating sethomes when in danger, teleporting when in danger, and keeping as many valuable items in a chest as all times. Any time you are not paying attention or are being distracted you should log out of HorseCraft to avoid an unnecessary death. We understand sometimes situations occur and so we encourage our VIPS/MVPS to reach out to us via our @HorseCraftStaff in the VIP/MVP discord if they feel they wrongfully lost items due to technical errors in the system.

How do I teleport with my horse? Sit on your horse and teleport as normal. Do not teleport horses into structures because they could suffocate and die. Always teleport a horse to and from an open area with no walls or blocks surrounding them. A great example of a place to teleport a horse to is a grassy area 5+ blocks away from all buildings. For more information click here.

How do I set my home? /sethome is used to teleport. Non-VIP/MVP players get 10.  To create a sethome you do /sethome name. To teleport to the sethome you type in /home name. To see your list of homes do /homes. For more information click here. 

Why do my animals keep dying? To regulate auto farms, keep animal activists happy, and discourage too many entities on the server we have introduced animal illness AKA Animal Plague. Animals in our server get sick if you have 15 animals in a small space. The illness is very contagious and will infect animals found inside a 20 x 20 x 20 cube of space. ALL ANIMALS are infected by the illness. There is no cure for plague. For a video tutorial please click here.

Does HorseCraft have a Discord? Yes, we have a Discord the link is  https://discord.gg/KWUuYT3  The discord is open to the public for announcements, information, and notifications. VIP/MVP ranks get full access to the help ticket system, text/voice channels. You can purchase ranks on the HorseCraft store. You can also do /discord in the server.

Does HorseCraft have a texture pack? No, HorseCraft does not have a custom texture pack nor do we require players to use a specific texture pack. We do recommend players who wish to use a texture pack to use zigzag. Please click here to get it. Players are free to use any non-cheating texture pack they wish to on HorseCraft. Texture packs on while playing HorseCraft must not be used to cheat in any way.

Can I make videos/social media posts on HorseCraft? Yes we would love that! Please include our IP and website address.

I have a problem how do I contact HorseCraft admin? Before you reach out to us you need to google your question or try to find the answer via our website/video tutorials. You can say the phrase "@admin" in your in-game Minecraft chat message to notify us that you have a question. You must include what you need in the same message you say "@admin" in. Please do remember that admin are humans and we sleep. If you are a VIP/MVP or Youtube channel member and have full access to our HorseCraft Discord please write a message in #Horsecraft-Ticket and follow all directions explained in the channel. For comments, questions, and/or concerns about the HorseCraft store or a purchase please reach out to us on our email at HorseCraftServer@gmail.com.

How can I become an admin/moderator on HorseCraft? Currently we are not looking for additional team members and are not accepting applications. When we are looking for admin/mods we look for players who are mature, active, and kind. They must be willing to follow our rules and help players. All HorseCraft staff is above 18 years old and the owners of HorseCraft (Faris & Will) are in their 30's.

I was banned from HorseCraft. Can I be unbanned? Please reach out to us at HorseCraftServer@gmail.com if you were banned. In your email include - your username, a sincere apology, why you believe you should be unbanned, and what you will do in the future to not be banned again.

I don't have PayPal and want to buy something on HorseCraft what do I do? You can use PayPal Express Checkout with credit card and debit card payments.

Why can't I create an auto mob farm? You may have noticed that we have disabled redstone, hoppers, and a few other items used in the creation of auto farms. Auto farms are used to help a Minecraft player obtain an item or XP in a faster rate than they normally would by fighting mobs in the wild. It is a machine that is created to make it easier to farm items. Unfortunately we learned in our 1st server that when players are allowed to create auto mob farms it creates a large amount of stress and constant lag on our server.  The constant lagging and demand auto farms create create lag for all the players playing on the server thus ruining the entire experience.

Why can't I use redstone in HorseCraft? Redstone is an incredible tool used in Minecraft to create working machines. Redstone is incredibly demanding on a server and requires a lot of memory and power. Because we are a public server with many players we cannot allow for everyone to create redstone machines because it will constantly lag everyone playing. You can exchange redstone for gold at the gold exchange. If you've created a powered rail you can exchange it at the server features house at spawn. 

Why can't I use an AFK Pool? AFK pools are made by players so that their Minecraft character does not log out of the game. AFK pools are not allowed due to a player exploiting the system to stay on while they are not playing which results in getting claim blocks that they are not technically earning.

Why are redstone items and hoppers disabled? These items are disabled because we do not want players creating auto farms and machines on the server. These machines create a large amount of power and memory which results in our entire server lagging for everyone playing. You may receive a refund for hoppers and powered rails from the shopkeeper at the servers features house at /spawn.

How do I cancel a VIP/MVP rank subscription? Cancelling a subscription cancels all future scheduled payments of that subscription. A subscription can be cancelled up until the day before the next scheduled payment in order for you not to be charged. On PayPal, go to Settings Icon Settings. Click Payments. Under "Preapproved payments", click Manage preapproved payments. Select the merchant (HorseCraft) whose agreement you want to cancel and click Cancel. Click Cancel Profile to confirm your request. Click here for a helpful guide on how to cancel subscriptions via PayPal. If you're having issues please email HorseCraftServer@gmail.com

Help I have an Error Message when Logging in!   - Sometimes when we are trying to log into Minecraft we can get various different messages errors that prevent us from logging into the game. - Please read the error message to understand the issue. - If you are unable to solve the issue from reading the error message please Google the exact error message with the phrase "Minecarft". 

Help the error message says I'm using a VPN?  If you are using a VPN/Proxy and are having issues logging in please Discord DM an admin, Instagram DM us, Email us at HorseCraftServer@gmail.com, or have a friend on the server tell us you are being blocked because you have a VPN/Proxy! Don't forget to tell us your username and spell it correctly!!!