Enjoy HorseCraft? Many players find our server via server lists, so if you’re feeling bored or want to give the server some love then please vote and leave comments on the various websites HorseCraft is listed on.  You can vote everyday!

Tog G HorseCraft Page

The Minecraft Server List HorseCraft Page 

Planet Minecraft HorseCraft Page

MinecraftServers.Net HorseCraft Page 

MinecraftServers.Org HorseCraft Page 

Minecraft List HorseCraft Page 

MineCraft Stats HorseCraft Page

Minecraft Server Biz HorseCraft Page 

Minecraft Server List HorseCraft Page 

What do I get for voting? Our appreciation and gratitude for your support of course! We really do love that you took time out of your day to vote for our server. Currently, we do not offer any type of item or perk in the HorseCraft server for votes. We want our players to vote for our server because they truly love us and want us to succeed!