Username: NightCruise

Hey! My names nightcruise, also known as Summer! I've been playing Horsecraft for about a year now and I started playing because I'm a HUGE horse lover! I don't have vip/mvp, but I recommend getting it because having vip/mvp gives you the ability to have more sethomes and a command towards getting decorative heads which I used in some of my builds! I am on and off w/ paying for a rank, but I'd honestly have it for as long as I can honestly, I've once had it for 2-3 months straight LOL I'm so addicted to having it haha. Our lovely Staff of Horsecraft makes Horsecraft enjoyable honestly! I love when Nav does horse comps & Others doing them too! Everyone is different and unique so it makes Horsecraft a lot more enjoyable. I love everyone equally from HC1 & HC2!


Username: Ghostxify

Hiya! My names Ghosty, or Bug, I have been playing Horsecraft since late 2018, one of my friends recommended it to me, as we loved horses at the time (we still do!). I currently have VIP, throughout the years of my time on Horsecraft, I have had MVP and VIP multiple times, I don't really remember when my first rank purchase was, I assume 2018/2019. I really enjoy playing Horsecraft as it is a nice way for me to play with my friends and build, in my opinion, Horsecraft is more enjoyable than other servers due to the fact that there are many welcoming and nice people, you get to look after your horses and build lots. If you are thinking about joining Horsecraft, it really is an amazing place, and I'm sure you will love it, there are people willing to help you start if you are confused, everybody is very friendly and nice ! :)


Username: Wiqkie

i’ve been playing horsecraft for quite a while.. i believe since february 2019, so thats 2,5 years!
though i take breaks, i always come back :).
i enjoy playing horsecraft because the community is great, you can build, design and buy barns & collect your own horses. (like in this photo i have my own irl horse floor)
and you’re not stuck with a prebuilt equestrian center by admins on other servers.
most of my online friends come from this server because we all have common interests!
the server is great and i love it here :))


Username: Nottommyy

I've been playing HC since September 2020, and since it's been still fun to play. I've had vip since January-February and it's made HC a little more enjoyable to play. I enjoy horsecraft because its not like most horse servers. Every other server is it's typical plotted land server, while HC is more of a vanilla survival with a few plugins like sickness, auction house, and even colored chat! I've made several friends, builds, and journeys with just a few months. When I first joined, I got welcomed by several people I haven't ever heard of who ere happy to have a new member. This is my testimony for horsecraft, I hope you join soon, bye! :D