Staff Introductions


Username: FarisJaclyn

I’m Faris! I’m the owner and founder of HorseCraft! I have two horses and have been riding since I was 10 years old. I am married to my husband Will. I am a stay at home wife and soon to be mommy to a baby girl! I have my teaching degree and can teach students K-6. I plan to home school my children. I am half way done with my Master's in Clinical Counseling and volunteer my time as a Crisis Counselor with Crisis Text Line. I make Youtube videos on my Youtube channel FarisJaclyn. I’ve been playing MineCraft for 5 years. MineCraft is one of my all time favorite games! I enjoy gardening and seeing people having a fun positive time on HorseCraft!  


Username: WillyC

I’m Will. I’m married to my lovely wife Faris. I help support Faris own and manage HorseCraft. I am a computer software engineer and help with software design and more complicated features of running HorseCraft. In my free time I like to ride horses with Faris and spend time with my family. On MineCraft, I love making complicated machines using redstone & command blocks for HorseCraft players to enjoy. 


Username: Naverous

Im Nav. I dont know much about horses but they are great. Im currently an architect and going to college to become a pharmacist. I like MineCraft because of the freedom it gives you when building or just playing in general, I have been playing for about 5 years, mostly building. Im glad to say Ive been a HorseCraft admin since the beginning and really like helping and interacting with players.


Username: Offoal04

Hello my name is Off, I am an admin on Horsecraft. I am a part of the LGBT Community.  When I was 6 years old I rode a horse once it was an experience that I would like to do again.  I have two jobs right now as a Key holder at Dollar General, and I am a customer service representative for banks.  I have been playing Minecraft for about 7 years.  I really love to play modded Minecraft because there is so much more you can do in modded than in Vanilla Minecraft.