:horse: Updates, Announcements, and Notifications are available through our Discord here  https://discord.gg/KWUuYT3 for the public. Full access to this Discord is given to people who support our server at  https://store.horsecraft.net/.  Full access offers voice/text chatrooms and a HorseCraft help ticket system.


What does the Discord offer to the public?

Free item giveaways, information on how to play HorseCraft, crisis hotline resources, rules, how to join and end a rank subscription. 

If I bought something on the HorseCraft store site how do I get full access?

Please reach out to an admin if you made a purchase and would like to have full access to the Discord. Please use our @admin system to reach out. Here is an example of what you should say,

"Hello @admin I purchased something on the HorseCraft website. My Discord username is _______. Thank you!"

Our admin will work quickly to get you your rank. 

What does the Discord offer when you make a purchase on the HorseCraft store site?

9 different themed chatrooms, two voice channels, and a HorseCraft help ticket system to use for non-time sensitive concerns to admin.

Why does your team not offer a free and public Discord for HorseCraft?

1. Some people online are bad - Because our demographic is typically young, sometimes that lures bad people to attack and say bad things or post inappropriate images to our young impressionable players. We would rather avoid that all together and filter out those individuals trying to troll us. 

2. We don't have the time - We would love to respond to every single message and question players say to admin, but we physically cannot do it. When any admin is helping you or answering a question they are volunteering their free time to helping you.  We are already so busy managing HorseCraft's system, creating events, and handling issues that we do not have the time to also manage a public Discord server. We enjoy having a smaller Discord.

3. There's plenty of information already online - We've taken hours to create video tutorial guides, frequently asked question explanations, and information for you. Most of the time, the answer is already available to you if you read our guides. If it's a question regarding a Minecraft error message or how to play Survival Minecraft those questions are also available to you if you try to Google your questions. We also offer two ways to contact admin with the Discord - @admin in-game message and the email address HorseCraftServer@gmail.com.

4. Some things in life aren't free - We run an active and large Minecraft server that is free to play. We offer paid services because our server is so costly to run. Because of people who support our server we are able to keep the server open! We want to celebrate the people who make it possible for our server to run and one of those perks is a Discord server with perks.