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What is HorseCraft? HorseCraft is a Semi-Vanilla Survival Minecraft Java PC Multi-Player server. Your mission is to create your dream stables and own the best horses! Tame beautiful wild horses or purchase a horse. Enjoy the classic game of Minecraft on HorseCraft with a horse themed twist!


Terms and Conditions - Staff cannot provide refunds for purchases on the HorseCraft Minecraft server store. All purchases must be made by an adult over the age of 18 and that person is responsible for the full amount of money being issued to the HorseCraft store during the time of purchase. The HorseCraft team is not responsible for unauthorized transactions (made by your children and/or any other people!); it is the responsibility of the buyer to keep their banking information secure. The HorseCraft team is not responsible for replacing free in-game items included with purchases when a player no longer has them. Buyers who make a purchase on our web store HorseCraft.net will receive those purchases for the entire time we are able to afford to keep our HorseCraft servers running. At any point if we are no longer financially able to support a Minecraft server, then the HorseCraft team will have to terminate all purchases and ranks indefinitely without refunds. Our Minecraft servers HorseCraft1 and HorseCraft2 are subject to updates and may reset all progress within a server. If that happens, players will receive all their purchases on the new server(s). If for some reason a buyer's purchases were not restore, then please reach out to us to re-apply all previous purchases to the new server(s) at our email address HorseCraftServer@gmail.com. Hacking and/or breaking HorseCraft rules regardless if a username has made a purchase still reserves our team the right to ban the player without refund. The HorseCraft team can ban/banip any username for any reason we see fit and we do not have to refund any purchases made.


Contact HorseCraft - For comments, questions, and/or concerns about the HorseCraft store or a purchase please reach out to us on our email at HorseCraftServer@gmail.com

Rank (VIP/MVP) Cancellation - You can cancel your HorseCraft rank subscription at any time of the month in order to cancel the next reoccurring payment. Click here for a tutorial on how to cancel. To manage your preapproved PayPal subscriptions click here.

Disclaimer - Please note that HorseCraft and the HorseCraft online store is not affiliated with Minecraft, Mojang AB and/or Notch Development AB. Minecraft is a copyright of Mojang and Microsoft 2009-2022. Any payment on the HorseCraft.net store goes directly to the HorseCraft business Paypal Account.