Username: FarisJaclyn

I’m Faris! I’m the owner and founder of HorseCraft! I have two horses and have been riding since I was 10 years old. I am married to my husband Will. I am a stay at home wife and mother to our toddler girl! I have my teaching degree and can teach students K-6. I plan to home school my children. I make Youtube videos on my Youtube channel FarisJaclyn. I’ve been playing MineCraft for 5 years. MineCraft is one of my all time favorite games! I enjoy gardening and seeing people having a fun positive time on HorseCraft!


Username: WillyC

I’m Will. I'm Faris's husband. I help support Faris own and manage HorseCraft. I am a computer software engineer and help with software design and more complicated features of running HorseCraft. In my free time I enjoy gardening really hot peppers and spend time with my family. On MineCraft, I love making complicated machines using redstone & command blocks for HorseCraft players to enjoy. 



Username: Naverous

Im Nav. I dont know much about horses but they are great. Im currently an architect and going to college to become a pharmacist. I like MineCraft because of the freedom it gives you when building or just playing in general, I have been playing for about 5 years, mostly building. Im glad to say Ive been a HorseCraft admin since the beginning and really like helping and interacting with players.


Username: Offoal04

Hello my name is Off, I am an admin on Horsecraft. I am a part of the LGBT Community.  When I was 6 years old I rode a horse once it was an experience that I would like to do again.  I have two jobs right now as a Key holder at Dollar General, and I am a customer service representative for banks.  I have been playing Minecraft for about 7 years.  I really love to play modded Minecraft because there is so much more you can do in modded than in Vanilla Minecraft.



Hi im Rhian, I have only rode a horse once before but I am sure I would really like to try that again one day. I have been playing minecraft for over 9 years now and in my free time I really love to build and explore. I like Minecraft because there is no limit to what you can do. some of my other favourite things to do include hanging out with my dogs, listening to music, and going on adventures!


Username: VividlyIndigo

hallo~! I'm indigo or indi! I've been playing Minecraft for 8-9 years, and Horsecraft for a little under 2 years to date. I enjoy the technical aspects of Minecraft, and I'm super excited for the 1.18 update and what it'll do to the game! Irl I've been riding for, again, about 8-9 years, mostly riding in eventers/jumpers.



Username: Cav_

Heyo im Cav! I've been riding horses for a few years now. I really love to do hunter jumping and dressage. I do not own any of my own horses at the moment but I plan on possibly leasing or buying one in the future. I have been playing Minecraft for around 7 years now and I like to build in my free time. I also really love plants and animals so feel free to talk to me about them anytime!


Username: Dysasterous

Howdy Im Dysasterous aka Dys! Ive been playing hc since 2019 and mc ever since i was a single digit age. I personally enjoy mc because I can build and explore whatever I want and have fun with friends doing so. I have basically no horse experience other than riding a horse once when I was around 7.
Things I do off of hc/mc is draw, listen to music, and write. I also have a dog and a cat :)
I also have weird allergies to things such as oranges.


Username: ThyBingg_

Hello!!! I'm Bing! I've been playing minecraft for about 8-9 years! I found out about horsecraft i'd say close to 2 years ago. Everyone is so kind and the staff do an amazing job to keep horsecraft going! In real life i'm helping a friend train their horse to be a therapy horse! I dont have a whole lot of experience with horses as i only went to lessons for a few months due to the prices. Horsecraft is honestly an amazing server with a great community and i'm so happy to be a moderator :)


Username: Mar_XY
Hellooo I am Mar :D. I have been riding horses for a bit more than a year now, I plan to buy a horse next year! I ride English and also plan to do competitive jumping/cross country soon! I really, and I mean REALLY like apples! I do play other games than Minecraft such as Phasmophobia, Unfortunate Spacemen, Raft, etc <3 I have been playing Minecraft for 8-10 years and really enjoy it! I love building at most. When i was younger I was scared of the mobs and built a dirt shack around myself and called myself a building master </3