Updates, announcements, and notifications are available through our Discord here  https://discord.gg/KWUuYT3 for the public. Full access to this Discord is given to people who support our server at  https://store.horsecraft.net/.  Full access offers voice/text chatrooms and a HorseCraft help ticket system.


What does the Discord offer to the public?

Free item giveaways, information on how to play HorseCraft, Hotline lists, helpful guides and resources, our HC & Discord rules, HC club information, how to join and end a rank subscription, and two public chatrooms called #general and #help. You're also welcome to direct message any admins or moderators if you need assistance. Please direct message "Faris" if you have an issue/question/comment related to a HorseCraft webstore purchase.

If I bought something on the HorseCraft store site how do I get full access?

Any purchase on the website will allow for you to get full access to our Discord. Join the Discord by doing the command /Discord in the in-game chat for the Discord link. Next, find the channel called #RequestFullAccess. In the #RequestFullAccess channel, read and follow the written directions. 

What does the Discord offer when you make a purchase on the HorseCraft store site?

9 different themed chatrooms, two voice channels, and a HorseCraft help ticket system to use for non-time sensitive concerns to admin.